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June 26 2014 5 26 /06 /June /2014 10:30

Having a working knowledge of a router can transform plain looking wood into a design that compliments your home. A simple over-eased edge on a table or plaque is more aesthetic to the eyes than one that has a simple square edge. A router is a power tool, however and should be respected as one. When taking the right precautions and learning the safest way to use a router Craftsman power tool battery you can become the craftsman you always wanted to be.

Choose a profile bit that is suitable for the desired look. The profile of a bit is usually on the package the bit came in.

Clamp a scrap piece of wood to a table making sure that the base of the router will clear the clamps. Without turning the router on place it on the wood with the bit touching the edge to verify the clearance.

Turn the router on and place against the wood. Move the router in the opposite direction of the rotating bit; this is usually counter-clockwise.

Allow the router to cut the profile on the edge for a distance long enough to be certain that the desired profile is being cut. If adjustments are needed, turn the router off.

Adjust by locating the adjustment bolt or wing nut and loosening it to move the base of the router to the desired height. Tighten the bolt or wing nut and continue cutting the profile on the edge of the Milwaukee cordless drill battery.

Always wear safety glasses.

Practice with profile bits at first, then move on to bits that are used for other cuts such as dove tail for drawers.

Don’t adjust the base of the router while it is running. Always turn it off.

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