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October 30 2014 5 30 /10 /October /2014 10:03

NiCad batteries are commonly used in devices such as cameras. They are the same size as regular AA batteries, meaning they can power any device that uses the AA size. Recent developments in NiCad battery composition have, to some extent, eliminated the "memory effect" that NiCad batteries suffered from. <a href="http://www.drill-battery.com.au/buybatteries.php/black+&+decker_244760-00_power+tool+battery.html">NiCad Black and Decker 244760-00  batteries</a> contain tiny crystals that retain energy. If a battery is not regularly discharged properly, the chemical composition alters and the crystals grow in size. This result in less surface area to store energy and gives the impression that the battery is fully charged when it's actually only halfway charged. If this happens to your AA size NiCad batteries, you need to revive them.

Turn on your device with your charged NiCad battery installed. Check the power reading to make sure that your battery is fully charged.

Open as many applications on your device as you can. Use as much energy as quickly as possible. Watch the power indicator falling. Once it reaches a certain level your device tells you your NiCad battery needs charging. Ignore the warning.

Continue to use the device with the applications open until it turns off automatically. Although there is not enough energy to power your device and the applications, your battery is not fully discharged.

Turn on your device: There is enough power to do so. Leave your device turned on but don't open any applications. Let the remaining power drain. Eventually it will turn off automatically.

Turn your device on again: it should power up and then shut down. Your battery is fully discharged.

Charge your <a href="http://www.drill-battery.com.au/buybatteries.php/bosch_PSR+14.4+VES-2_power+tool+battery.html">PSR 14.4 VES-2 battery</a>. If your battery charger has a charge regulator, set it to the lowest level. It lets the battery charge at its lowest rate. It takes some time, but it stores more energy and your battery then has greater endurance.

If after completing the steps your NiCad battery does not retain its charge, repeat them again. It can take a couple of times to get it right. If after several attempts your NiCad battery does not retain its charge, replace it.

There are many websites providing instructions for reviving <a href="http://www.drill-battery.com.au/buybatteries.php/hitachi_B+3_power+tool+battery.html">NiCad drill batteries for HITACHI B 3</a> using mobile welding units to short the terminals or disturb the chemical structure. Using these techniques is potentially dangerous so it's a lot safer, and ultimately cheaper, to spend a few dollars on a new one.

If you are using a non-wall unit charger that tends to get hot, place it on a kitchen trivet or other piece of noncombustible material.

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