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Nickel metal hydride batteries, or NiMH, are available producing various milliamp hours, or mAh. The mAh rating is used to determine the length of time a BOSCH 2 607 335 037 battery can last when it's fully charged. For example, if your NiMH battery has a rating of 2,000 mAh then it will power a device that consumes 1,000 mAh for two hours. Mixing different rated mAh NiMH batteries doesn't damage your electrical device, but don't expect it to operate as efficiently, or last as long, so it's best to only mix them as a temporary measure.

Open the battery cover and remove the existing NiMH batteries from the device they power. Choose the batteries you want to mix by checking the mAh ratings on the replacement battery labels. Try to mix batteries that have similar mAh ratings as you will get better results. The greater the difference between the ratings, the shorter time they will last between charges.

Insert the NiMH RYOBI CDL1442D batteries you have decided to mix into your electrical device. Ensure you replace them the same way as the ones you just removed. There's usually a diagram or markings on the battery compartment to indicate "+" and "-" and the NiMH batteries also have the corresponding polarities marked on the side.

Close the battery cover and power up your device. Check the power indicator so you know how much power the mixed NiMH batteries have, if it has one. Regularly check the power indicator during usage. It's best not to discharge your batteries too much as once the NiMH battery that has the lowest mAh rating gets too discharged the NiMH battery that has the higher rating starts to discharge into the lower rated battery.

While you can mix different NiMH rated batteries for use in your device do not mix them when charging. It can damage the batteries and your charger.

Never mix batteries that have different chemistries, such as NiMH and Li-ion, or rechargeable and nonrechargeable; you can damage the drill batteries for MAKITA BHP452 and the device they operate.



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