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July 25 2014 6 25 /07 /July /2014 10:46

Since buying a new Acer laptop battery is so expensive, replacing the old cells inside a battery pack has become an attractive alternative for some laptop owners. Also, if the battery casing or housing becomes damaged, putting the good cells in a different battery housing can save a lot of money. Taking a laptop battery apart is not that difficult, and can be a fun learning experience for both children and adults.

Allow the battery to discharge. Turn off your laptop (if necessary), then remove the Sony notebook battery.

Pry open a small section of the battery pack seam with a screwdriver or craft knife. Continue to pry the case cover loose by moving around the edge until the entire top is free. This may take a bit of force. Lay the cover aside.

Carefully remove each battery cell and its wire connectors using a craft knife and wire cutters. Each battery pack is different, but the cells are usually wrapped in a plastic casing with metal contacts attached to one end.

Put the cells, metal contacts, plastic casings, wires, and any other materials in a safe place if you plan to reuse them. Remove any adhesive residue or tape from the cells and metal contacts.

Remove any tape or screws that attach the circuit board to the battery housing, then lay it aside. Depending on the battery type, the circuit board may be attached to the cell pack, and not the battery housing. Clean any remaining residue from the plastic housing.

If you decide to rebuild the Lenovo computer battery, watch it carefully while you charge for the first time. If the contacts are not connected properly, the battery may overheat and cause damage to the laptop.

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