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March 21 2017 3 21 /03 /March /2017 15:14

Nickel Cadmium (Nicad) rechargeable Bosch BAT025 batteries are a popular battery choice for use in appliances, games and tools. Over time, even these long-lasting batteries will use their capacity to hold a charge. Nicad batteries can be repaired, instead of replaced, for even longer use. Zapping the Nicad battery with an electric current will enable a dead rechargeable battery to hold a longer charge.

Use the battery tester or digital multimeter to test the dead Nicad battery to make sure it is fully discharged. If it still holds a partial charge, continue to drain the battery in normal use or use the discharge function found on some appliances and electronics.

Find both the positive and negative nodes of the dead Ni CAD battery. The positive node will be raised, and the negative node should be flat.

Protect yourself during this procedure by wear safety goggles, gloves and a long-sleeved shirt.

Begin repairing the Nicad battery by attaching the black alligaotr clamp from the 12-volt charger to the negative end of the battery.

Touch the red alligator clamp to the positive end of the battery three or four times, using light taps. Sparks may be emitted from the Bosch 2 607 335 250 battery during this process.

Immediately hold the red and black clamps on the battery, releasing them after a maximum of two seconds.

Test the battery to see if it has been completely charged. Repeat process if necessary until the battery is fully charged.

Be prepared to wear safety gear during this process to avoid injury.

The Nicad battery repair process is best performed by someone familiar in working with electricity.

Overcharging the Bosch BAT011 battery can lead to fire, explosion or battery acid spray.

Individuals attempting this process need to understand the danger and understand that they perform the process at their own risk to injury and damage to self, property and others.

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