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Unlike rechargeable Bosch 2 607 335 082 batteries, alkaline batteries, also known as "primary batteries," have one life cycle. Once their power is depleted, they must be discarded. Alkaline batteries should be stored at room temperature; many can be stored for at least two years and still hold most of their original power levels.

Test AAA, AA, C, D and button alkaline batteries with a battery tester. Hold the tester in your hand and raise the bar located at the top of the tester all the way up. Place the battery right-side up between the arm and the top of body of the battery tester. Push the arm down so the alkaline battery fits snugly.

Read the measuring meter or display on the battery tester. If it has a meter, wait for the needle to stop moving before you determine how much power is left in the alkaline battery. The readings usually include "Low," "Replace" or "Weak"; "Good" or "Normal"; and "Strong" or "High."

Check a 9-volt alkaline battery by connecting it to the side of the tester. Insert the positive (+) terminal into the smaller hole. Push the negative (-) terminal--which resembles a hexagon or octagon--into the larger hole. Hold the battery firmly in place while the Bosch BAT019 battery tester takes a reading.

Standard alkaline batteries normally are used in low-to-moderate current drain devices such as remote controls. Premium alkaline batteries are useful in high drain devices such as digital cameras, CD players, MP3 players and radio-controlled toys.

When you test an alkaline battery, make sure the positive (+) terminal is touching the metal on the tester bar. Make sure the negative (-) terminal is touching the metal plate on top of the battery tester. If the battery is positioned incorrectly, the tester may say the Bosch 2 607 335 711 battery is dead or give no reading at all.

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