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March 18 2016 6 18 /03 /March /2016 18:41

Li-ion batteries like partial discharges. You do not have to wait for them to fully discharge. Top them up whenever you get the chance.

Li-ion AEG cordless drill batteries like partial charges. You don’t have to charge them till 100% before using them. In fact, they go through maximum wear and tear and stress when charging 90-100%. By charging them to less than full capacity you will extend their life.

Li-ion batteries do not like complete discharge. Do not discharge below 20% when you can help it. Stop using the tool when it shows signs of weakening in power and slowing down. Re-charge the battery at this poin

Do not charge or discharge in very hot conditions like over 40°C.

Do not leave the battery in the charger for very long after fully charged.

Discharge a Li-ion battery periodically. They have a shelf life and they stay active for longer when kept in use.

Charge to 30-40% before storing.

Note: A lot of cordless woodworking power tools don’t have a built in battery meter that shows the amount of charge left in the cordless drill batteries for Black & Decker. Even the ones that do give a rough idea. Not like the exact percentage that we are used to seeing on our computers and smart phones. So its difficult to tell when the battery is 20% or 90%.

You will either have to use an external meter. They can be found cheaply online. Or as we have mentioned, just stop using the tool when it slows down and put the METABO cordless drill battery on charge.

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