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Ryobi is one of the leading manufacturers of cordless drills. Each Ryobi cordless drill has a set of adjustable jaws that hold the bit in place while the drill rotates. The chuck is the metal collar surrounding these jaws. If the chuck starts to wear out or slip, it will become difficult or even impossible to move the jaws and install a drill bit. In this case, you must remove the defective chuck and replace it with a new chuck from Ryobi drill battery.

Remove the battery pack to keep the drill from accidentally turning on while you are working on the chuck.

Check your Ryobi owner's manual to find out if your chuck requires a key. You can also identify the type of drill by looking at the body and the chuck. A keyless chuck drill has a spindle lock button somewhere on the body. A keyed chuck drill has a small round hole on the AEG power tool battery instead.

Open the chuck jaws as wide as possible using the proper method for your drill. For a keyless chuck drill, hold the spindle lock button while rotating the chuck counter-clockwise with your hands. For a keyed chuck, insert the chuck key into the hole and turn it counter-clockwise until the chuck is loose enough to turn by hand.

Look down into the chuck opening to see if there is a retention screw holding the chuck onto the spindle. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw if you do see one.

Set the short end of a large Allen (hex) wrench inside the chuck's jaws as if you were installing a drill bit. Make sure the flat edges of the Allen wrench match up with the flat jaws. Tighten the chuck by reversing the method you used in Step Three to loosen it.

Use a rubber mallet to strike the long end of the Allen wrench so it rotates counter-clockwise. This will loosen the chuck so you can unscrew it from the drill's spindle by Black & Decker batteries.

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